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Premier moving service provider for government agencies.

Premier moving service provider for government agencies.

No matter what challenges arise, our team consistently strives to achieve the best possible outcome for each project.


We offer efficient, cost-effective solutions for your entire move

  • Our move process involves four key steps: planning, packing, transportation, and settling.
  • We meticulously plan every detail, expertly pack your belongings, handle the logistics of transportation, and assist with unpacking and settling in at your new location.
  • With our efficient and careful approach, we make your move a smooth and hassle-free experience.


We provide assembly/disassembly services for workstations and furniture.

  • Assessment: We evaluate the specific requirements of your workstations or furniture pieces to determine the best approach for assembly or disassembly.
  • Skilled Technicians: Our experienced technicians handle the precise disassembly or assembly process, ensuring that each component is handled with care and expertise.
  • Efficient Process: We utilize efficient techniques and tools to streamline the process, minimizing time and disruptions while maintaining the quality of the furniture or workstation.
  • Reassembly/Assembly: Once the disassembly or transportation is complete, we reassemble or assemble the furniture or workstation in the designated location, ensuring proper alignment and functionality.

Architectural & Interior Design

We specialize in providing Design Services tailored specifically for office spaces.

  • Our Design Services specialize in creating functional and visually appealing office spaces.
  • We collaborate closely with clients to optimize space utilization, workflow, and ergonomic design.
  • With our experienced team and innovative approach, we deliver seamless projects from concept to construction documentation.
  • We enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of offices, from small to corporate.


We offer secure storage solutions specifically designed for government agencies.

  • Our secure storage solutions cater specifically to government agencies, ensuring the utmost protection for their sensitive assets.
  • With advanced surveillance systems and strict access control measures in place, we provide a secure environment for confidential documents and valuable equipment.
  • Our experienced team upholds the highest security standards, giving government agencies peace of mind.

Logistics Staffing

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive logistics staffing solutions.

  • Our logistics staffing service provides skilled and experienced professionals to support your logistics operations.
  • We carefully match candidates to your specific requirements, ensuring reliable and efficient personnel for tasks such as inventory management, order fulfillment, transportation coordination, and more.
  • With our expertise, you can optimize your logistics workforce and streamline your operations for enhanced productivity and success.

Major contracts


Department of Homeland Security – DHS

  • Routine Task Order: Move/Relocation
  • Furniture Reconfiguration: Assemble/Disassemble Furniture, Workstations, Cubicles
  • GSA Disposal/Off Site
  • Transition Management & Moving Services
  • Decommissioning
  • Move Support Services
  • Department serviced: OBIM, S&T, I&A, NAC, NCR, CWMD, CISA


Citizenship and Immigration Services –  USCIS

  • Provide FTEs and Moving Services.
  • Prepare Furniture Layout
  • Decommissioning
  • Furniture Reconfiguration: Assemble/Disassemble Modular & System Furniture


Department of Education – ED

  • Provide FTEs and Moving Services
  • Relocation Planning & Support
  • Furniture Management & Reconfiguration
  • Providing 9 On-Site Professional Installers and Movers.


Department of Interior – DOI

  • Provide FTEs and Moving Services.
  • Prepare Furniture Layout
  • Decommissioning
  • Providing 2 On-Site Professional Installers and Movers


U.S. Department of Agriculture – USDA

  • Move Support Services
  • Furniture Reconfiguration: Assemble/Disassemble Furniture, Workstations, Cubicles
  • Relocate 3362 employees including furniture reconfigurations and disposal.
  • Decommissioning


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO

  • Relocation and decommissioning encompassing the destruction of millions of films and documents.
  • Methodically dismantle 70 Rotomat Storage Carousel machines in a secure manner.
  • Efficiently categorize classified documents, subsequently transferring them to the next secure storage facility.

Stellar performance history

We proudly served

  • COI General on Integrity & Efficiency (CIGIE)
  • U.S. Treasury Inspector General (TIGTA)
  • Nova Scripts Central (NSC)
  • County of Fairfax Virginia
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Defense Health Agency
  • Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)
  • Prince George County Public Schools (PGCPS)
  • Department of Army (ARMY)
  • Maryland National Guard
  • Metropolitan Police (WMATA)
  • Department of Interior (DOI)
  • General Services Administration (GSA)